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What is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback is the use of instruments and devices that sense and measure biological information and "feed it" back to the participant for a variety of useful purposes.  Typically, biofeedback is used for education and behavior modification, stress & pain management, improving subtle muscle control, relaxation training, brainwave training, and performance enhancement.

Biofeedback methods accelerate a participant's ability to learn how to influence physiological processes that are mostly governed unconsciously.  They enhance the effect of mind-body interaction, and they improve self-awareness.  The devices are usually used in concert with various exercises designed to help the participant learn to relax and focus their mind on a particular desired outcome.

In essense, biofeedback takes the axiom "mind over matter" and trains it for maximal results.

Typically, biofeedback uses physiological measurements that vary between stress and relaxation states, like heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, Electro-Cardiography (ECG), Electro-Encephalography (EEG), Electro-Myography (EMG), and Galvanic Skin Response (GSR), which measures changes in skin electrical potentials based on surface moisture.

Prompted by advancing technology and research in the last few years, biofeedback has taken its place in the medical mainstream. 


What is EPR Biofeedback?

EPR refers to Electro-Physiological Reactivity, which describes the measurable electrical responses our bodies exhibit when provoked with informational signals; such as,  food, allergens, pathogens, chemicals, environmental factors, trauma, verbal queues, sounds, thoughts, and all other forms of "information."  

All substances have unique properties, which are sometimes obvious.  For example, coffee is different than alcohol.  Their appearances, smells, tastes, textures, and effects are all noticeably different.  On a molecular and sub-molecular, or "quantic" level, which is the level at which matter and energy interact, there are also distinguishing properties that are much more subtle, such as shape, mass, vibrational frequency, and electromagnetic properties.  While our perceived experience with coffee and alcohol is different on a macroscopic level, there are subtle interactions that also occur between the quantum fields of our bodies and those of all things we encounter.  These are only perceived by that which we can simply call our "Body Electric."

Modern electrosensing technology allows us to measure subtle properties of substances and the reactions of our body electric.  We react to things we are attracted to, like beneficial nutrients and other healthy things.  We also exhibit stress responses when we are exposed to stressors, like toxins or allergens.  These reactions are measured in terms of changes in voltage, amperage, resistance, and other mathematically calculated properties.

EPR biofeedback is the use of computers and special devices that measure electro-physiological reactivity and provide feedback.  The results provide insight into an individual's overall stress profile.  The best example of an EPR Biofeedback device is the QUEST9 Biofeedback System.


"Know thyself."



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