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The QUEST9 Biofeedback System

The QUEST 9 is the 6th generation EPR Biofeedback device. It is the product of over 30 years of development and clinically applied use. Along with its predecessors, these devices have become the most widely used advanced biofeedback systems in the world. It is estimated that over 100 million EPR biofeedback sessions have been performed worldwide with these devices since 1989.

There are many reasons for their popularity, such as their broad applications, their incorporation of ideas from traditional healing systems around the World, and their tremendous safety records ("First, do no harm").  They also incorporate frontier scientific and medical principles that not only resonate with practitioners and participants but appear to embody the "Medicine of Tomorrow."

Electro-Dermal Response Stress Reaction Test 

EPR Biofeedback systems are capable of testing and corrective functions.  They can measure stress parameters, like skin moisture, temperature, and Electro-Physiological Reactivity (EPR), and they have programs that accelerate healing activities that are enhanced by stress reduction. 

A session begins with an "Electro-Dermal Response Stress Reaction Test," which is the process of measuring a participant's electrical responses to over 10,000 trivector (voltammetric) signatures, using skin sensors.  A voltammetric signature is a unique vibrational frequency, or an electromagnetic "fingerprint," that is unique to each substance, based on its voltage, amperage, resistance, and other mathematically calculated factors.

The participant wears sensitive electro-sensors on the head and extremeties, and these are attached to a computer via the biofeedback device.  The computer performs the test automatically in approximately 5 minutes.  Readings are displayed on the screen.

Unlike most conventional medical tests, such as blood tests, results are not measured against a "norm," which is a large group of random people.  Instead, reactions are compared with the participant's own baseline reactions, determined during an initial calibration.  Reactivity does not imply "levels," but only relative significance.  Due to these differences, results require interpretation and are not alone diagnostic.  However, they are highly specific to the participant, which provides tremendous insight into the unique stress profile (causal influences) for that individual. 

The most important thing it provides is a probability-based forecast of the individual's stress reactivity, which may be used for educational purposes and to guide specific biofeedback training programs.

Forecasting - Energy Medicine's Niche in the Medical System

Technologies involving non-linear systems are used to calculate probabilities that help to make predictions.  We see this regularly when we watch weather forecasting on television.  

The EPR process is not unlike the way in which a Pulse-Dopplar Radar collects data that helps a meteorologist to read and predict weather phenomena.  Weather and biology are decent parallels, because each are very complex and dynamic phenomena that are affected by a vast variety of conditions.  We know that weather forecasts are based on probabilities, because we have been hearing that language for a long time.

We understand that the farther out the forcast, the more it becomes uncertain.  The closer it is to actually happening, the more accurate the prediction becomes.  Yet, there always still remains an element of uncertainty.

Without probability forecasting, all we have are present-moment observations.  It's raining now.  It's snowing now.  It's sunny now.  We'd be able to measure many details about what is happening now, and what happened yesterday, but predictions would be speculative, based only on past conditions and norms.  This is currently how conventional medical tests and diagnoses work.  There is "nothing clinically wrong," until a specific test of a specific parameter provides some evidence to the contrary, based on comparisons to black or white normative data. 

This linear model has very little to offer in terms of real-time wellness forecasting or true disease prevention, which is the niche that energic and informational medicine technologies are filling. 

Training Programs for Participants

The primary QUEST9 programs utilize subtle electromagnetic fields (EMF's) that help to induce deep relaxation and maximal healing response. Research has proven that certain low-energy, non-ionizing EMF's can have vigorous healing effects and are thus non-harmful. 

EMF's can be imbued with information and frequencies that have a relaxing and normalizing effect on the body.  This is similar to the way in which data, like a movie, can be packaged and delivered to a recipient on electrons (electrical currents) or photons (lasers) via wires, radiowaves, or fibre-optic cables. 

In the case of the QUEST9 the data delivered to the body includes trivector signatures (resonant frequencies) of natural medicinal remedies, nutrition, and other safe and healthy frequencies that encourage stress reduction.

Biofeedback and Bioresonance Training Programs Using Electromagnetic Fields

  • Biofeedback Systemic Relaxation
  • Nutrition and Homeopathy Feedback Training
  • Homotoxicology Training
  • Spinal and Muscular Re-Education
  • Muscular Re-Education for Athletes
  • Scalar (Chakra) Relaxation Training
  • Biofeedback Meridian Training
  • EEG Brainwave Training
  • Dental-Oral Muscular Re-Education
  • NLP Emotional Growth Stress Reduction
  • Pain Cybernetic Feedback Analysis
  • Timed Cybernetic Feedback Therapy, Music, Superlearning

Multi-Media Programs 

Various audio-visual components and educational materials are also used to enhance self-awareness and mental healing skills, which more clearly represent classical biofeedback.  These options include a 3D body viewer, guided relaxation videos, progressive muscle relaxation exercises, colour, and music relaxation training.

Health Claims Made for Biofeedback

The QUEST9 and other EPR biofeedback devices make the same claims that are currently recognized for biofeedback in general, which are:

  • Stress Reduction
  • Pain Management
  • Muscle Re-Education

Many other beneficial side-effects are common, and a growing volume of research has demonstrated some efficacy of various kinds of biofeedback with a broad range of specific disorders and conditions. 

A Vision of EPR Biofeedback and The "Medicine of Tomorrow"

The Medicine of Tomorrow will inevitably accept what is already known today in the fields of chemistry, physics, and mathematics.  Quantum physics and non-linear (chaos) mathematics, which apply to the study of complex dynamic systems, like weather, fluid motion, ecosystems, and molecular interactions, also add new dimensions to our understanding of biology and medicine.  The physical, mental, and spiritual facets of life and health are not well described by the mechanistic idea of the "body as a machine," which has pervaded conventional medicine for hundreds of years. 

The Medicine of Tomorrow will better appreciate life's subtle nuances.  For example, outcomes, such as health or disease, are dependent on initial conditions, such as stress and other causal factors.  Changing initial conditions can have a tremendous impact on longterm outcomes of complex systems.  This is known as "The Butterfly Effect."  Even very subtle changes in trajectory can deliver significant changes in the system over time.  This idea supports the use of subtle therapies and stress reduction for true disease prevention, but it also provides insight into why medical treatments that violate biological and environmental principles usually result in iatrogenic disease (diseases caused by medicine). 

Emergency and critical care remain the undisputed champions of the medical system today, but the invasive techniques available for the majority of non-crisis medical cases are the same few used in crisis care.  These methods are not necessarily the best options in most non-crisis scenarios.  "To do no harm," is a promise made by physicians when taking the Hippocratic Oath, but depending on which studies we believe today, medical treatment is likely one of the most significant causes of disease in our society.  Drugs, surgery, and radiation are often unnecessary.  They are ineffective for curing most chronic conditions.  They are unsatisfying to patients, and they are all generally dangerous.  There are often notable short-term benefits, like managing symptoms, but they almost always come with undesirable long-term health and financial costs.

Today, we are seeing more tolerance and integration of holistic, mind-body, and energetic medicine techniques into the mainstream.  We are seeing more physicians and nurses exploring integrative medicine, including nutrition, meditation, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Energy Medicine.  This is wonderful news for medical professionals and for patients! 

When we see the best of modern physical medicine used alongside holistic techniques, patients feel as though they are being treated as a "whole person."  It is equally rewarding for the professionals who are usually interested in having more tools to work with.

The QUEST9 biofeedback system and its predecessors are the archetypes of this integration of frontier sciences and traditional healing. 


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"For some time, a new paradigm of physics, quantum physics, has been pointing out the conceptual incompleteness of material realism -the metaphysics favored by conventional medicine. 

Recently, this paradigm shift has taken a new turn, and it is becoming obvious that not only is the new physics important for traditional physics and chemistry, but its message must be incorporated in biological sciences as well."

Dr. Amit Goswami, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Physics at University of Oregon.  Author of "The Quantum Doctor" and "The Self-Aware Universe"


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